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Going Live In



The new Nationwide Appliance Repair website is coming soon.

— In the meantime, if you need assistance call us at 866-364-1044!

Hello! We will keep our about us brief. Nationwide Appliance Repair started off with a website in Houston, Texas back in 2007 named ApplianceRepairHouston.net.

With our knowledge of Web Designing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we were able to rank that website first with the keyword phrase “Appliance Repair Houston”. We were told by the owner of that website that the site was able to generate him a six figure income.

With that in mind we bought high quality domain names all over the U.S. and Canada. We build them up, rank them and sell the leads. We then lease or sell the website.

If you have any questions we are an open book so call us at (866) 364-1044 or fill in our contact form. Call us soon because we only work with one company exclusively per city. Let’s take over your local appliance repair market today.

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